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Our experienced tipsters put in a lot of time and effort into providing you with the greatest basketball betting advice possible. You’ll find NBA picks, NCAA basketball picks, and EuroLeague picks here. Visit the main betting tips page for information on how to place the best bet of the day, which will include suggestions for a wide variety of sports.

Where can I get predictions for basketball games and tournaments?

Throughout the season, we will provide NBA advice, since the NBA is the best league in the world. However, that’s not all; we also provide advice from the NBA G League, the NBA’s recognized developmental league.

We also report on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition in the United States and the European Champions League (EuroLeague), featuring the top teams from Europe. Betting advice for basketball games will cover the three main marketplaces used to wagering on American sports.

Totals Money Lines and Spreads for Games

Overtime is accounted for in all three markets. A wager on the Money Line simply predicts either a home or away victory.

Pointspread is like the Asian Handicap in baseball; each game, one side is given a score advantage or disadvantage (such as -3 or +3), and the other team must win by more than the spread. Given a -3 handicap, a winning side must win by at least 4 points to cover the spread; a 3-2 victory would result in a push (stake refunded).

Simply said, The Game Totals does exactly what it promises it will! The basketball picks for bets will favor either going under or above a certain total. Wherever the line ends up, that’s how many points were scored (both home and away). The over would cover the 216.50 point spread if the final score was 217 or higher.

Top Advice for Basketball Betting

What teams do you think will win tonight’s NBA games? OK, don’t worry, our insiders have you covered. There is a list of upcoming basketball games with betting lines up top. You may discover a variety of contests, both individual and overall, up there.

You should expect to see the most heavily favored result for each event in bold. These may be sourced from any of the marketplaces, drawing attention to the market as a whole. In addition to the tip, the percentage of tipsters who have predicted this result out of the total number of predictions is also shown.

You may click on the odds to go directly to that betting site, or you can copy and paste the link into your betslip. Simply clicking the event’s name will take you to the event website where you can get a bird’s-eye perspective of the whole thing.

The ‘Most Popular Tip’ and the ‘Best Tipsters Tip,’ indicating the tipster with the highest yearly profit, are provided. The event’s three marketplaces are shown in the order shown above. You may see the number of predictors who have predicted each result.

You may also read their in-depth rationale for why they have arrived at that conclusion. Here are a few accumulator suggestions for basketball games.

Lastly, the statistics for basketball tipping and the names of all tipsters who have predicted this event are shown together.

Which handicappers have the greatest records in the NBA?

Visit our specialized ‘Best NBA Tipsters’ page to learn more about the top NBA handicappers out there. This article lists the finest yearly profit-making basketball tipping services presently accepting bets.

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Go to our 2022 NBA Predictions page to discover who our NBA experts think will win the title that year.

We recommend our Basketball Betting Advice Guide for anybody interested in learning more about placing wagers on basketball games.

How can I put all of these hints to use?

okbet basketball betting

Bets may be easily placed with the help of the OKBET betslip. The NBA predictions from Europe and the NBA betting tips from the United States may both be used alone or together.

If you want to bet on a certain result, click the “Add to Betslip” button in its vicinity. You may stack your betslip by supporting each selection individually or by making an accumulator.

These might be today’s under/over market picks for basketball, or they could be predictions for specific games. After all of your wagers are recorded in your betslip, you may examine the odds to see which bookmaker gave you the greatest value.

When you click this bookmaker, the betslip will open on that book’s website, where you may complete your wager.