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The Chemtech Dragon, which was removed from the game in January 2022, will return to League of Legends in Season 13. The formerly oppressive zombie mechanism is being replaced with a more balanced stat gain that maintains the low-health character of the original design.

It is reasonable to assume that the Chemtech Dragon’s debut in League of Legends was not favorably welcomed.

Riot anticipated that the Chemtech Dragon will have a greater influence on games than the original four elemental drakes when it was introduced in Season 12. Even though they accomplished their first purpose, killing the dragon had a bit too great an effect.

The Chemtech Dragon Soul, which enabled champions to become zombies after ‘dying,’ drew the most criticism. This mechanism was very difficult to counter, particularly when playing from behind.

Riot temporarily pulled Chemtech Drake from the game, citing “it was evident we missed the mark this time” in response to community concerns.

However, it has returned for Season 13 of League of Legends with brand-new bonuses while retaining its Zaunite identity.

League of Legends’ new Chemtech Dragon

OKBET 777 | Chemtech Dragon returns in Season 13 with buffs

The new Chemtech Dragon, although having the same name as the original, plays entirely differently from the original. It offers new boosts, a new soul, and even new Rift-related effects. It is the same dragon just in name.

“It was quite irritating for players to play again, and the effect it had on each game was significant.” Patrick Noonan, the leader of the product’s development team, said, “We have a fresh theme and design that eliminates those aggravating gameplay elements and adds new mechanics that generate unexpected scenarios.”

New boost increases tenacity, healing, and shielding

Previously, killing the dragon granted a boost that enhanced the player’s damage against foes with more health.

The new Season 13 Chemtech Dragon grants a boost that increases tenacity, healing, and protection by 5 percent. The boost stacks with each Chemtech Drake killed individually. This boosts sustain and defense, as opposed to merely increasing damage against foes with high health.

Soul heals weakened allies

As discussed before, Chemtech Dragon once had a zombie passive similar to that of Sion, in which players resurrected temporarily after dying. This made games very tough to recover from.

The new Chemtech Soul provides a 10% damage increase and a damage reduction when health is below 50%. It maintains Riot’s desired identity without becoming overbearing.

Noonan said, “It will be a lot simpler to manipulate and work around compared to the previous zombie soul, while still being similar to the Chemtech-related notion of becoming stronger as your health decreases.”

Rift enables jungle vegetation

OKBET 777 | Chemtech Dragon returns in Season 13 with buffs

In Season 13 of League of Legends, the Chemtech Rift will alter how players interact with jungle vegetation. It depicts Zaunite chemical spreading throughout the map, giving plants new life and abilities. Here are all the impacted plants:

  • Blast Cone propels the target twice as far.
  • Honey Fruit no longer causes a delay upon consumption and now grants an extra benefit to defense.
  • Scryer’s Bloom offers mobility in the disclosed direction as well as enhanced visibility surrounding the plant itself. Additionally, disclosed wards are reduced to one health.

Mid-November will see the release of the new Chemtech Dragon with a number of additional improvements to the top lane and jungle, new items, and more.

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